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Personal Brand Awards
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The Rules

The Personal Brand Awards are shutting down.
The Awards

Note that all winners will be inducted in the hall of fame.

1 winner each year will receive a gold plaque, a website emblem, an appearance in a Personal Branding Blog post, a picture on the front page of this site and be featured in the November issue of Personal Branding Magazine!


2 winners will receive a silver website emblem.

3 winners will receive a bronze website emblem.
Judges Criteria
  Value proposition 

  • How is your appearance portrayed on your website?
  • Do you have multimedia that supports your personality?
  • Is your profile visible and does it convey your strengths?
  • Have you defined your personal branding value statement?
  • Have you been a pioneer in your niche?
  • What can be found on your site that cannot on others?

  • How are you compelling?
  • What is your presence in the blogosphere?
  • Are you on multiple social networks?
  • Have you had any press related materials that communicate your brand value? 

Winner Emblems

Personal Brand Silver Award

Personal Brand Bronze Award

[winners will receive their emblems by email]

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